Prayer Needs

Prayer Needs

The Barber’s  sweet neighbor, Bev Brown went to be with the Lord this afternoon. Please continue to pray for her husband Sam and his three adult children. 5/26

Pat Henneman is home from the hospital but continues to need our prayers 5/24

Jan Schmitz recovered from 2 knee replacements only to injure her leg and be fighting an infection 5/24

Nancy Watson continues to have tests and consultations 5/24

Prayers for all those here and throughout the world who are ill and those who have lost loved ones from this virus 5/24

Prayers for our armed forces and veterans and bereaved families on this Memorial Day 5/24

Praise God that we live in our country where we are free to worship and enjoy our freedoms 5/24

Carol Sherwood’s grandchildren need prayers for their malady 5/17

Prayers are needed for John Longbow who has sepsis from his teeth ordeal. He is to remain in bed for 2 to 3 weeks. 5/17

Sam Allred, owner of Appliance Care, was in an accident and broke both ankles and his leg plus many bruises. He is in the hospital in Kalispell. Prayers are needed for Sam & his wife, Sarah, who has taken a leave of absence from her nursing job to attend him. 5/17

Sharon Fulton knows of a little three-year-old boy in Missoula, Knox Anderson, who is going to Seattle this week with his mama to have another  heart procedure.  They and his twin brother and  his  daddy also need our prayers. 5/16

Praise our Lord all tests came back negative for Roxi Brown’s niece, Lindsey! Woo Hoo!!! 5/14

Good news!  No cancer was found.  They still have concerns about his PSA numbers going up.  Thanks for your prayers. 5/13

Please keep praying for Kathy Gipes’ son in law in Kalispell, Adam.  He still has this lung condition and has trouble breathing, especially at night laying down.  Pray the Lord completely restore him!! 5/11

Frank Noles will have a heart procedure this Wednesday 5/10

Pastor Shannon Mayfield, Methodist pastor in Corvallis, has cancer 5/10

Debbie Lundquist is having cancer treatments 5/10

Joyce Kackmann’s sisters-in-law in-law is having complications at Mayos from cell treatment; her husband has Lewy  dimentia and is at home. 5/10

Mike’s Aunt Angie 5/10

Karen Vergeront is scheduled for knee surgery 5/10

Prayers are needed for an upcoming meeting with an ENT doctor (May 13) will bring good results, re: a worrisome lump on Dick Schulz’s neck. There will likely be a biopsy following, and we pray it is benign 5/8

Bob Bruce who is Susan Hadley’s brother needs our prayers.  He is in the hospital for extreme pain and extensive swelling in his legs, arms and feet.  Doctors suspect blood clots amongst other things and are doing extensive testing. 5/7

Barb Nelson reports that Gail’s surgery was a success and they didn’t have to make an incision so he should hopefully be home tomorrow. 5/4

Jim Chapman was in church today, walking in and out.  He had surgery 16 days ago.  Praise God for his successful back surgery. 5/3

Pastor Russ has the go ahead to walk without crutches; prayers for the arthritis not to hinder his steps. 5/3

Diane Alderdice’s prayer request is for the Methodist minister in Corvallis who has multiple myelomas. 5/3

Prayers for the many families who have lost loved ones. 5/3

Debbie Lundquist, a Polson beautician, has lung cancer 5/3

Prayers and praise for our ability to congregate without retribution and having the freedom to worship.  And prayers for our governing officials. 5/3

Prayers for our military and our veterans.  God Bless America. 5/3

Bob Perrine’s back surgery went very well. 4/29

Gail Nelson will have hernia surgery on Monday so he and Barb need our prayers 4/29

Please put Jan Schmitz Johnson, Margaret Burke’s friend, as she had her knees replaced March 2 .. her knees are doing well but she injured her right leg, got an infection in it and the injury is not healing like it should… she is going to the hospital every day for heavy duty antibiotics given thru IV  … she is having problems with her veins collapsing so they might have to put a port in her chest…she is also going to PT for the injury… 4/29

Joan Dykstra, Hub’s wife, passed away today, April 26.  Please keep all the Dykstra family in your prayers as both their parents have now passed.  Services are to be at a later date. 4/26

Anita has asked for prayers for her friend, Garnet.  She has a MRSA infection and so far the medications haven’t been effective.  Garnet has been attending our church.  Please pray for her healing. 4/22

Ellen Schultz is getting progressively stronger. Physical therapist says she will be a different person in a few months. Again, could use encouraging prayer. 4/21
Margaret Burke’s grandson, Joseph Burke, has been deployed for some time, they can’t say where he is, so pray for his safety and health. He has a wife and three very small children who are in New Mexico and can’t travel to be with her parents / family… 4/11

Kathy Gipe Barber would like her church family to pray for HER! The eye Dr. says I have “ocular Rosacea”. It’s a condition in her eyes that causes redness,  burning, dry eyes, even tearing more than normal.  Hers are stinging and dry. Please pray for a miracle. A healing from Jesus! 4/10

Hub Dykstra passed away at his home yesterday so please include his wife, Joan, and their family in your prayers.  His service will be sometime this summer.  Hub was one of the planners and carpenters on our church building and a Board member for many years, as well as making sure we had coffee every Sunday after church.  4/7

Prayers for Karen Vergeront’s daughter, Alison Vergeront Pease is still recovering from her surgery. 4/20

Prayers for Karen Vergeront’s (step)father, Earl Coriell, surgery was canceled. 4/7

Please pray for Doug Lindon and Laurie who past away yesterday evening. Laurie’s family will plan a celebration of her life sometime late this summer. 4/4

Please pray for Jim & Debbie Chapman’s son, James, and his family as he and his wife are both in the nursing field combating this awful virus. They have 2 young sons that need to be protected in God’s love too. Expand your prayers to all the medical personnel that are working to combat this virus. 4/2

Please pray right now for Kathy Gipe Barber’s friend, Tracy, who has fallen off “the wagon” after being sober for 60 days!    I so thot:  “this time!” Pray the enemy will take his hands off this daughter of God! 3/26

God Bless America! 

Prayers for the families of Ruth Baxter. Ruth’s celebration of life will be at our church later this Spring. 3/15

Please keep Jack and Ann Mitchell in your prayers. Also, Jack & Deanna Thomas.

Please keep Rick Riebe, Sandy Weaver’s son, in your prayers. 

Please pray for Don Blais to find a new kidney. 

Prayers for Lake County being able to keep their water in the future.  2/16

The fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace , patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control 2/16

Please pray for our troops, our President and our Country. 

Prayers our Father God will turn America back to the only living god that has so richly blessed her and on which this nation was founded. 

Protect our Country and our President from the enemy within.  God bless the USA. 

Continued prayers for Irmgard’s Susie’s husband who will have to have his surgery repeated, but have his colon removed after the holidays. He will have to wear a bag for the rest of his life. This is due to the malpractice of a doctor at St. Joseph.

Jack Thomas’ cancer markers are so low as to be immeasurable!  He will continue current treatment every other week until January.  If the markers remain low, he will receive treatment once a month, which will be a very welcome change. We thank everyone for their prayers, cards and concerns, they mean so very much to us both.   We miss you all and look forward to attending church with our church family soon. 11/11

Pray that God would step in and protect us from the corrupt leadership in our country at the current time 

Heidi Medland in Germany asked to be put on our prayer chain.  For her health and that her country would be open to the gospel. 9/10

Prayers for Peace in Jerusalem.
The people of Venezuela 

Protect our great nation.

God Bless America.

Prayers for America’s pastors to remain obedient to the wonderful life changing truth of our Father God’s word; so the Spirit will remain and lead us to regeneration, repentance, salvation and life! 

During WWII, there was an advisor to Churchill, who organized a group of people who dropped what they were doing every night at a prescribed hour for one minute, to collectively pray for the safety of England, its people and peace. This had an amazing effect, as it was not long before the bombing stopped.

There is now a group of people organizing the same thing here in America.

The people of the world, the United States, and our citizens, need prayer more than ever! If you would like to participate, each evening at 7 PM, stop whatever you’re doing, and spend one minute praying for the safety of the United States, our troops, our citizens, and for peace in the world.  Pray also that the Bible and our Christian values will remain the basis for the laws governing our land. Also, pray that Christianity will grow in the United States.