Prayer Needs

Prayer Needs

Please pray for Pastor Judy Rasmussen’s daughter Amy as her tests have been completed today and she is scheduled for her biopsy on Friday morning at 9:30 am. 9/29

Please put Kathy Gipe Barber’s friend Sabrina on the prayer list. She has Covid and her asthma has really gotten worse! Her pulmonologist has her on some drugs supposed to help. 9/28

Diane Alderdice’s daughter-in-law and granddaughters and family are in the direct line of this hurricane also My grandson, that was in church a couple weeks ago, is on a job repairing turbine at a power plant right in line with where the hurricane is supposed to come on land. I am asking for prayers for safety for them all. 9/27

Iris’s brother, Bernie, is much improved and may be able to come home soon. 9/25

Please pray for our sister Karol Newgard as she desires prayers for our Lord to heal her heart. 9/25

Pastor John Meek is much improved after surgery for removal of staff infection from his leg. He is home from the hospital and needs prayers for continual healing of that and his hamstring muscle. 9/25

Continued prayers for Art and Susie Gosma. 9/25

Jim and Susan Hadley‘s son, Daniel, is having a hard time with his online Divinity courses. Please pray for stamina and knowledge and God to guide him. 9/25

Prayers for the family of Millie Bretzke who died last week. 9/25

Prayers for Maureen Tyler‘s family. Maureen died this past week. 9/25

Please pray for Roxi’s Cousin David and his extended family that they stay safe and secure in Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg Florida as Hurricane Ian strengthens. 9/26

Prayers of thanksgiving. The doctor’s reviewed the result’s of Kathi Neeley’s daughter, Kim’s surgery and feel they were able to get all the cancer. At this time there appears to be no need for chemo, radiation or other follow treatment. There may be some immunity boosting therapy. 9/22

Debbie Chapman’s life long best friends husband Aart Gosma went in for a back procedure today that is supposed to be an outpatient procedure. His blood pressure has spiked and he hasn’t come out of the anesthesia yet. My best friends name is Susie Gosma. They live in Texas. Thank you for your prayers. 9/20

Maries Hirsch’s mom still needs prayers. She did have a stroke, was transported to Spokane hospital. She has been in a bed in the ER area since Sat afternoon as the hospital is full. Please pray a bed opens this am. Also asking for prayers that she is approved to be moved eventually to St. Luke’s rehab center in Spokane for therapy. 9/19

Also Neeley’s grand daughter is recovering from a stress fracture in her foot. 9/18

Please also pray for the poor and mistreated souls in our world and our first responders here and elsewhere. 9/18

Margaret Burke’s friend Millie died last night. Please pray for the family. 9/18

Kathy Gipe Barber’s friend Colten’s brother passed away Saturday. Only maybe 32 yrs old. Please pray for his family.9/14

Rick Royer, Diane’s brother, will require open heart surgery 9/11

Susan Hadley’s friend, “Bob Miller, requires a heart bypass 9/11

Anna Lucas is in a lot of pain along her arm and would appreciate your prayers for her healing and relieve from her pain. 9/8

Please put Patrice on our prayer list, she is one of Sandy Weaver’s daughter’s co-workers and they have found a mass about the size of a fist in her abdomen. She’s in pain & is waiting for test results. 9/7

Please pray for Nancy Houserman to for recovery of her cough, healing and management control until healed. Prayers also for the company to send new breathing equipment, and for getting the mold situation fixed or a low income housing place to stay. 9/5

Michael Schendel’s friend is coming from Russia this week on the 7th. 9/4

Barb’s grand daughter. McKensey, has headaches as a result of her epidermal during the birth of her third child and is coping with three children under the age of four. 9/4

Margaret would like prayers for her friend, Red, who is recovering; at least his feed tube has been removed and he can now eat. 9/4

Shirley McConnell’s son-in-law, Patrick Sullivan, has bone cancer which is in the third stage. 9/4

Prayers for those in the Ukraine affected by their war and for our country and our government.9/4

The wife of the superintendent of the northern region in Nicaragua is in need of an expensive surgery. Her name is Mercedes. 9/4

Margot LaFontaine’s friend, Julie Steele has sort of good news about her leukemia in that she won’t require treatment for six months. It hasn’t spread from her lymph nodes and they are watching it. 8/28

Teresa Herreid asked for prayers for Bea Cruz who has the hair style shop – cancer. 6/28

Comfort for the Jerry Ragland family – Myrna Simons brother-in-law, Jerry, passed away 8/21

Erma Davis passed Saturday morning. She was Dana Blush’s mother. 8/21

Jim Boyle passed this week – Gerrie and her family need our prayers 8/21

Jim Loebbecke and his son were in a boat accident yesterday and need our prayers. Their fishing boat hit a log jam causing both to go in the water. He is expected to leave the hospital today but has several injuries and pain. His phone is under water so he can’t take calls. Please lift him in your prayers. 8/19

Prayer for Randy Jones’ family (Winnie Jones’ son) at death of his wife’s son in Tijuana 8/14

Leigh Ann’s sister-in-law was fatally injured in a motorcycle accident, prayers for her 3 surviving daughters 8/14

Judy Muniz’ friend, Carol Mcilvey’s husband, who’s name is Rodney is currently in the Polson hospital with a brain bleed. The doctors have given him 2 weeks. Prayers are needed for his family and his daughter to help them through this difficult time. 8/11

Continued prayers for Ayden Luper as a hunt to find what will cure his cancer. 8/10

Sandy’s grand daughter and great grandson, Angie and Riley, were seriously injured in a domestic altercation. The perpetrator is jailed at present. 8/7

Prayers for our school personnel, all of them, in teaching and protecting our children.

Please pray for Dick (Richard) Widerholdt who lifted a bag of fertilizer that was too large and fractured two vertebrae in his back. 8/2

Prayers for the firefighters ands those affected by the forest fires. 

Prayers for those in Ukraine and prayers to soften the hearts of those in the Russian government. 

Prayers for all of us to remain faithful to God’s word. 

May God bring healing to our church family, in the Name of Jesus we pray. 

KEEP OUR country in Christian values. 

Prayers for the continuing substance abuse and mental Illness in our community.

Prayers for broken relationships to be healed 

The fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace , patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control 

Prayers our Father God will turn America back to the only living god that has so richly blessed her and on which this nation was founded. 

Prayers for Peace in Jerusalem.


Protect our great nation. God Bless America.

Prayers for America’s pastors to remain obedient to the wonderful life changing truth of our Father God’s word; so the Spirit will remain and lead us to regeneration, repentance, salvation and life! 

During WWII, there was an advisor to Churchill, who organized a group of people who dropped what they were doing every night at a prescribed hour for one minute, to collectively pray for the safety of England, its people and peace. This had an amazing effect, as it was not long before the bombing stopped.

There is now a group of people organizing the same thing here in America.

The people of the world, the United States, and our citizens, need prayer more than ever! If you would like to participate, each evening at 7 PM, stop whatever you’re doing, and spend one minute praying for the safety of the United States, our troops, our citizens, and for peace in the world.  Pray also that the Bible and our Christian values will remain the basis for the laws governing our land. Also, pray that Christianity will grow in the United States.