Prayer Needs

Prayer Needs

Staci Vail will see a specialist at Phoenix Mayo Clinic for the pain in her left hand.  She had her chemo this week. 1/29
Ernest Brown needs prayers for doctors and back surgery to be successful, and his wife, Trish (Leigh Ann’s sister) can handle stress taking care of Ernest. 1/29
Continued prayers for Roxi’s broken wrist. 1/29
Roger and Judy need travel mercies for their Missoula trip today moving storage for Amy. 1/29
Paul Newgard needs continued healing. 1/29
Tabiath has stomach problems. 1/23
Colleen Doolittle needs prayer for a positive result from her PET scan tomorrow meaning all the cancer is gone! 1/23
Please pray for the wife and 4 little boys of Ty Bouche who passed away this past week from esophageal cancer.  He was only 38 years old; they are good friends in Christ with Pastor Judy. 1/23
Prayers for Margaret’s friend Barb and Red’s families.  Red died last Sunday. 1/23
Roxie Brown had wrist surgery Friday.  Please pray for her healing and ease of pain. 1/23
Staci needs prayer for her continued chemo and the revival of her left arm. 1/23
Jerry asked for prayers for our new pastor, the pastor search committee and our fill-in pastors. 1/15
Prayers for Roxi’s recovery from her wrist fracture and upcoming surgery. 1/15
Ray asked for prayers for all of us to come together in regards to the Water Compact. 1/15
Brent has a sore throat and a cold. 1/15
Shirley’s great grand nephew is in the hospital with respiratory problems, Geret Moore. 1/15
Nash Niemeyer’s tumor is in a precarious place in his brain and will have very risky surgery February 30. 1/15
Doug Morigeau is reported to have broken his arm. 1/15
Cole Strever , age 17, in Billings needs prayer. 1/15

Please put Jack and Deanna Thomas on our prayer chain.  Deanna a bronchial infection and Jack is now contracting a cold. The on-call oncologist has prescribed medication for him to ensure he doesn’t get pneumonia.  1/8

Please add Marcia Cyr to your prayers.  She is in Yuma, fell, and is in rehab from a brain bleed as well as shoulder and knee cap fractures. 1/8

Continued prayers for Damar Hamlin, Football player for the Bills, and his recovery. 1/8

Doolittle’s daughter, Meg, miscarried last week.  Prayers for a successful pregnancy.  She is 39.  Jim is healing from his accident and Colleen will have her last chemo this week.  Anita reported that the kidney failure at first suspected is now not a problem!  Praise the Lord! 1/8
Nash, Nelsons’ neighbor, did have his surgery but the swelling to his pituitary gland is continuing.  He is 16, a sophomore. 1/8
Staci Vail will have another chemo treatment this week.  Her left arm and hand are incapacitated.  She will see another specialist January 20. 1/8
Prayers for friend whose 38 year old son, married with three small children, died unexpectedly on Christmas morning in Laurel. 1/1
 Pray for the family of Tim Boltz who died of a massive heart attack this past Friday.  Tim was 66 years old, a resident of Ronan. 1/1
 And the family of Blanche Rohrenbach who died December 31. 1/1
Super bug treatments are going to be given to Diane Alderdice’s daughter-in-law,Laurie Davis, following a knee replacement that became infected.  She is to have daily hospital treatments for the next six weeks. 1/1
Prayers for the people in Ukraine that their misery will end. 1/1