Prayer Needs

Prayer Needs

Sam Allred who sustained a broken leg in a car accident a couple months ago now has developed a blood clot. He’s on medication but still could use our prayers. 1/24

Linda and Larry Hoover’s daughter, Carol, who has been cancer free has been diagnosed with a suspicious spot on her liver and will be having tests for a conclusion. 1/24

Arlene McEnaney and Joyce Wretling’s cousin has had two deaths in their Thompson family. 1/24

Shirley’s best friend for many years, Marilyn Maxwell, died recently.  She was 95 (9 days younger than Shirley). Please pray for her family, Shirley McConnell, Susie McNatt and her friends. 1/24

Marg Fay’s cancer has returned. 1/24

Greg Johnson was hospitalized with an aneurism. 1/24

Kathy Barber’s daughter has received the go ahead from her insurance to schedule tests and possible surgery! 1/24

Charles Williams is recovering from his knee replacement. Only had time to replace 1 knee. He is doing well. He still needs the other knee replaced. 1/24

Jim Cockriel, Irmgard Hove’s son-in-law, continues to have more surgery to correct the original one, which was performed 2 years ago. He is finally seeing some healing.He feels our prayers and asks us to please continue. 1/24/21

Please pray for Dorothy, mother-in-law of a Facebook friend of Ellen Traylor, who is close to death, that she knows Jesus and that she recovers if it be His will. 1/20

A 2nd cousin of Kathy Gipe Barber, 90 yr old LaReine Hormann, has Covid.  Please pray the Lord touches this precious lady! (Lives in Waco, TX) 1/18

Jim and Colleen Doolittle would like prayers for a young couple who just suffered a miscarriage at 16 weeks, Jen and Scott Hertzung. 1/17

Roger also would like prayers for his niece, Kirsten, who has been fighting cancer for seven years.  She can not tolerate cancer treatment any longer.  And for his grandson and his family who are recovering from Covid. 1/17

Becky Noles needs prayer for healing her ankle. 1/17

Jim and Susan Hadley’s son and grand daughter Sierra are recovering from Covid.   
He said he felt our prayers as if a warm blanket had covered him. 1/17

Pastor Judy reported that Jack and Anne Mitchell are waiting for St Jos Assisted Living to accept new residents so they can both move in and be together.  He is presently in Ronan at the At Luke’s  Rehab center and she is at their home in Ronan. 1/10

Ellen reports that Dick Shultz ‘s cancer has moved from his throat to his lungs so they both need our prayers. 1/10

Continued healing for Karol Newgard and Bob Fulton after their heart procedures. 1/10

Healing for Doug Wold who has liver cancer. 1/10

Prayers needed for Frank and Becky’s friend Scott in Alabama who was in an accident which resulted in his being diagnosed with three brain bleeds. 1/3/21

Ayden Luper is staying at the Ronald McDonald House in Spokane and has 9 more chemo treatments ahead of him. He feels our prayers as does the family and asks us to please continue. It looks like he will be treated for his cancer for the next two months. 1/3/21

Cliff Smith continues to have heart symptoms and is awaiting tests. 12/20

Barb and Gail’s Great Granddaughter has “tongue and lip tie”and needs a laser repair in order to nurse properly to maintain and gain weight.  Her name is Lakelyn. 12/20

Jerry Newgard offered hope for a Covid cure and vaccine and reminded us that God is in control. 12/20

Becky asked for prayers for healing for her vocal chords inflammation. 12/13

Bob Syvrud asked for prayers for The medical insight that veterinarian research has discovered in regards to Covid that it be also used for the research for our Covid. 12/13

Prayers for our nation to heal and maintain its honest election system 11/29

Praise for the Supreme Court decision keeping our churches open wherever and whenever we choose 11/29

Please pray for Shirley McConnell’s grandson, Jon Pyzel, who needs surgery on removing a chip in his neck. 11/22

Please pray for the safety of our missionary in Ethiopia, Tigrai Gipe.   There is war in the northern area of Tigray where all her family lives. Tigrai asks for additional prayers as she travels south for a week long conference. She will be stopped several times and asked for ID.   Since her name is Tigrai,  and she is from that region of Tigray which is at war right now, she is asking for no harassment and for God’s  protection. 11/22

Ed Pangburn will have a hip replacement in Missoula (where he lives now) on December 8th. 11/15

Howard Corey needs our prayers as he is struggling health wise and has taken several falls 11/1

Judy & Sotero Muniz’s grandson, Connor, still fighting allergies that have zapped his strength and caused muscle loss. 9/23

The fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace , patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control 

Please pray for our troops, our President and our Country. 

Prayers our Father God will turn America back to the only living god that has so richly blessed her and on which this nation was founded. 

Pray that God would step in and protect us from the corrupt leadership in our country at the current time 

Prayers for Peace in Jerusalem.
The people of Venezuela 

Protect our great nation.

God Bless America.

Prayers for America’s pastors to remain obedient to the wonderful life changing truth of our Father God’s word; so the Spirit will remain and lead us to regeneration, repentance, salvation and life! 

During WWII, there was an advisor to Churchill, who organized a group of people who dropped what they were doing every night at a prescribed hour for one minute, to collectively pray for the safety of England, its people and peace. This had an amazing effect, as it was not long before the bombing stopped.

There is now a group of people organizing the same thing here in America.

The people of the world, the United States, and our citizens, need prayer more than ever! If you would like to participate, each evening at 7 PM, stop whatever you’re doing, and spend one minute praying for the safety of the United States, our troops, our citizens, and for peace in the world.  Pray also that the Bible and our Christian values will remain the basis for the laws governing our land. Also, pray that Christianity will grow in the United States.