Pastor’s Suggestions

Pastor’s Suggestions

Last Sunday as part of my sermon I talked about the Bethlehem Star and how God used something unusual to lead the Wise Men to Jesus. I suggested that there is something we each can do to be a Bethlehem Star for others. I encouraged everyone to make the opportunity to ask someone if there is something you could pray for them.

I mentioned that when we are out to eat, I often tell our server that we are about to  give a prayer of thanks for the meal and then ask the server is there is something we could pray for them too. No one has ever refused our offer. Sometimes they say something like just for health and happiness but sometimes they ask for prayer for something far more serious.

Last Sunday I challenged each person to ask at least one person this week if there was something you could pray for them about. I suggested that asking someone if you can pray for them does at least three things:

  1. It tells them that you believe in God.
  2. It tells them that you believe God cares and answers prayers.
  3. It tells them that you care.

The people I asked this week have been sales clerks checking me out at stores. I have found that each time I ask it gets easier. One lady asked me to pray for her daughter who is dealing with an unusual blood clot. Another lady simply asked that I would pray for her health and happiness. One young man asked for prayers for himself as he tried to decide what career to pursue. This morning a lady asked me to pray for her daughter. She has lost five babies to miscarriages and just found out she has been able to get pregnant again.

The last lady I asked, I did it a little different.  I said, “This Christmas I am giving the gift of prayer. Is there something I could pray about for you?” She is the one who told me about her daughter and her babies. She is the only one I prayed with right then and there.  The rest I waited until I was out of the store and prayed while walking back to my vehicle.

Sunday I said that I expected that most of you will be uncomfortable asking a stranger if you can pray for them. I pointed out that this is not about you. This may make you feel uncomfortable but do it anyway. By doing this you will be giving a gift greater than anything else you can do.

Try it! By offering prayer, you too can be a light in the darkness pointing someone to Jesus.