God’s Daily Word

God’s Daily Word

Grace Teaches Us

Today’s Scripture: Titus 2:11-12

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“For the grace of God has appeared . . . training us.”

When I first became a Christian, I regarded the Bible largely as a rulebook. The Bible would tell me what to do or not do, and I would simply obey. It was as easy as that—so I thought.

The practical precepts of the Bible were to me no more than statements of the law of God. They commanded but gave no ability to obey. Furthermore, they condemned me for my failure to obey them as I knew I ought. It seemed the more I tried, the more I failed. I knew nothing of God’s grace in enabling me to live the Christian life. I thought it was all by sheer grit and willpower. And just as importantly, I understood little of his forgiving grace through the blood of Christ. I felt both guilty and helpless—guilty because of recurring sin patterns in my life and helpless to do anything about them.

My experience was not unusual. I would say it is fairly typical, even among many who have been Christians for years. That’s why we need to understand that it is grace—not law—that disciplines us. Of course, it is actually God in his grace, or by his grace, who disciplines us. Or to put it more plainly, God’s parental training of his children is based on the principles of grace and administered in the realm of grace.

What are the principles of grace? Basically there are two. The first is the forgiveness of all our sins and the unconditional acceptance of our persons through the atoning work of Jesus Christ. The second is the deliverance from the dominion of sin and the enabling power of the Holy Spirit in us through our union with Christ. (Excerpt taken from The Discipline of Grace)